Troubles with Charging the iPad

(Originally Posted 04/07/2010)

We’ve heard a lot, and done some digging, and it turns out that a good chunk of 3rd party USB wall and car chargers will not charge the iPad.


Because the iPad requires a full 2 amps to charge, and most USB chargers are made with the USB minimum 500 mA (we’ve looked at tons of chargers). So your charger needs to be 4x that of the USB minimum for the iPad to pull a charge.

What does this mean? How can I charge my iPad?

The wall charger that comes with the iPad is 10 watts (2 amps at 5 volts), so for starters you should be OK for wall charging. Any 3rd party chargers, and your car charger, will need to be upgraded to a 2 amp charger.

CableJive should be carrying both of these shortly.

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