The dockXtender is the Answer for Otterbox Docking Trouble

(Originally Posted 04/02/2010)

Announced just yesterday, the dockXtender is a cable with many improvements on existing dock extension solutions.

CableJive drove this forward for many reasons, but none quite as vocalized as people’s frustration with finally getting an awesome, durable Otterbox case only to find they were helpless to dock.

The dockXtender is a stylish, flexible, full pass-through cable with carefully engineered wiring to best connect your iPad, iPhone, or iPod with it’s accessory without having to remove it’s case, cover, sleeve, or skin.

And when we say case, cover, sleeve, or skin, we mean anything on this planet. We’ve carefully reviewed the gamut of coverings and made sure the housings are minimal.

Pre-order is opening up at the end of the month, sign up to get notified.

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