New iPod & iPhone Charge Converter

(Originally Posted 02/25/2009)

For the millions of iPhone 3G and latest generation iPod owners, the incompatibility issues with accessories hasn’t been an easy pill to swallow. The fact that their newly purchased Apple device doesn’t work properly with their favorite speakers, or in their car, has led many to search for something to bridge the gap.

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from customers, happy to have our converter to make things work.
And now, it even gets better. We’re adding a second Charge Converter to our lineup. This smaller converter is sleek, and fits even better between your iPod or iPhone and accessory. It is just 17mm tall and 10mm thick, and looks like a natural extension of your iPod or iPhone.
It’s also only $28.
So if you’re one of those millions who has iPod or iPhone charging trouble, this is the best charge converter money can buy.

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