iPod & iPhone Charging in Pioneer Car Systems

(Originally Posted 05/19/2009)

Update: After sending out a few test kits, we have confirmation that the Pioneer iPod and iPhone charge problems are resolved when using the CableJive Car Charge Kit, available to order now.

We’ve had many, many folks write to us with questions about using the CableJive charge converter with their in-car Pioneer stereo. As with many iPod and iPhone accessories and integration kits, the Pioneer kit (models CD-IB100 and CD-IB200) does not charge the iPhone 3G or latest generation iPods.

Most customers have success using the charge converter with the Pioneer CD-IB100 interface. However, to date the range of charge converters offered by various companies hasn’t solved the problems with the CD-IB200. The collective response is that the charge converter is effective until the car is started, after which the iPod or iPhone will not charge.

Yesterday we received word that a customer has successfully tamed this beast. CableJive is confirming the solution with other customers we’ve been corresponding about this, and plan to provide a solution for customers to purchase by the end of May.

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