iPhone 4 + Keyboard Dock Compatibility Issue Solved

(Originally Posted 09/29/2010)

Were you frustrated or upset to find that your iPhone 4 won’t physically plug into your iPad keyboard dock? Do your shattered dreams of type-texting the night away have you thinking of taking a Dremel and showing it who’s boss? Well hold on a minute Bob Vila, because CableJive has another solution to help you squeeze the most out of your precious $70 keyboard dock (might as well get the most out of it, right?).

All you need is a dockStubz. Our 30-pin passthrough adapter connects perfectly to the male connector on the iPad keyboard dock, extending the connection out enough for you to be able to plug your iPhone 4 in, case and all (except Apple bumper cases).

So go ahead, who says you can’t write a book on a smart phone? You’ll show ’em!

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