iPad Keyboard Extender Cable for Landscape Typing

(Originally Posted 06/04/2010)

If you’re wanting to use your iPad keyboard, but would really prefer to work on the iPad in it’s wider landscape orientation, we’ve got a means to getting that working; the dockXtender cable from CableJive.

It’s really quite simple, just plug the female end of the dockXtender into your Apple iPad keyboard (the connector on the iPad keyboard flexes forward to allow the housing to fit), and plug the male end of the dockXtender into the bottom of your iPad and you’re done. You can move the iPad around, change it’s orientation, and even set it back at a little distance.

And the best thing, you don’t have to take off the iPad case to use it with the keyboard. Pulling it out of that Apple case is a sticky proposition due to thetight case (other’s I’ve seen aren’t quite so tight).

And away you go, typing madly while using your iPad setting sideways in landscape or horizontal orientation.

In the photo we are also charging the iPad with the provided 10-amp charge plugged into the back of the keyboard, while using the keyboard attached to the iPad setting on it’s side. How’s that for total awesomeness.

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